Linda Hawn v. Cascio Enterprises, d/b/a McDonald’s of Maysville

Lauren Crosby Thompson and Jessica Droste Simon successfully defended another premises liability personal injury action on behalf of their client, Cascio Enterprises, d/b/a McDonald’s, in Mason Circuit Court. In that action, the Plaintiff claimed she injured her wrist after falling on a wet floor in a McDonald’s restaurant in Maysville. The Plaintiff admitted to seeing wet floor signs in the area and her testimony and surveillance video of the interior of the restaurant confirm that an employee was visible cleaning in the area where Plaintiff fell. Plaintiff’s theory was that McDonald’s was negligent because the employee was mopping outside of the perimeter created by the three wet floor signs. McDonald’s defended by arguing that the Plaintiff had been adequately warned. The jury returned a verdict after less than one hour of deliberations in favor of the Defendant McDonald’s franchise owner.

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