Products Liability & Medical Device Litigation

Phillips Parker Orberson & Arnett PLC attorneys regularly defend products liability cases in state and federal court. We recognize that manufacturers of products are simply searching for ways to improve the quality of life of their consumers, yet unfortunately end up being sued as a by-product of these advancements. In developing defenses of new and innovative products, we have the legal and scientific expertise to understand the technical aspects underlying each product at issue, and we use this knowledge to create successful defenses for our clients.

Products liability and medical device cases also present unique legal challenges that are not commonly encountered in other kinds of civil litigation. These cases often involve specific provisions of the Kentucky Products Liability Act, an understanding of the FDA approval process, and complex issues of law related to the interplay of state and federal law. Our attorneys understand these issues and have experience in addressing these matters.

Unfortunately, the targets of products liability claims, especially those involving medical devices, are expanding beyond the traditional claims asserted against manufacturers of these products. Plaintiffs’ attorneys are now pursuing physicians and hospitals for prescribing and/or providing medical devices, equipment, and medication in the care of their patients. Our attorneys rely on their extensive experience in the fields of medical negligence and products liability to build successful strategies in the defense of these novel claims.